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Welcome to the LGBT Reading Room


Hey! Welcome to the Bookish Butch, an LGBT literature review and queer theory website. Being that I am a lesbian, and I have found so many problems with the literature that is available for the LGBT community I have decided that there needs to be more discussion around what is going on in LGBT literature.

My Journey to LGBT Literature

The first book that I remember reading that had an LGBT character was The Picture of Dorian Grey all the way back in freshman year of high school. Then I think I didn’t read one again until I was questioning my sexuality senior year and it was fanfiction.

After that, it was a lot of self-published Kindle books. Then I found Rubyfruit Jungle and other books on Kindle that I will talk about in several posts on this blog.

I’m interested in the history and what is currently happening in the movement of the LGBT community. What are we doing? Are there certain stories that are more popular than others? What are the stereotypes in mainstream media?

How does this affect us? What is queer theory? Or is gender theory? Who are the important figures in LGBT history? I just want to know more (it probably helps that I’m in a masters program and curious about everything).

What Am I Doing?

For that purpose, I want to review books, talk to authors, talk to members of the community, talk about appearances of the community in the media, and more.

In mybook reviews I’m always looking for recommendations on what to read and review next and eager to hear your perspective on what I’m saying. I want to create a community of people talking about LGBT literature and theory as well as other literature and theory.

I am also an MA student so I’m still learning and trying to gain knowledge about my field.

~ Jessie, the Bookish Butch