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Start A Blog

So February 9th, 2018. I decided to start a second blog. I got the idea a few days ago when I was sitting at work and realized I had to read about 50 books by August for my comprehensive exams in my MA program. I needed a way to keep track of all my notes and the things that I was thinking about all of the texts. One of my professors mentioned that they had used a blog to do this when they were in graduate school but fell out of the habit. It really clicked with me so I decided that I was going to start a literature blog. Not only that but because I am planning on working in pop culture and sexuality/queer studies and horror/queer/gender studies this would be a great place to start reviewing works.

I’m going to post twice a month, on Saturdays. It will be either a book review, a theorist overview, application of theory or an article about graduate school and literature studies. Maybe even some creative writing. (That will most likely stay at its current home on my other blog).

When Is This Updated?

I’m excited to work on this. I have started blogs before but usually drop off because it’s not something I’m passionate about. Well not as passionate about as this. Some of this will be notes for my exam essentially, and reviews of traditional academic content but a lot will be sticking with the theme of this blog: LGBTQ+ literature and theory. As a member of this community I feel like I need to be reading more books written by LGBTQ+ authors and I need to comment on that writing. I also need to be writing about these things. Creating a discourse about the literature we’re writing is important.

I’m also nervous. I work on my school’s literary magazine, at the writing center, teach freshman composition and am full time in the masters program. Do I really need to take on another responsibility? If I do take more on, can I work on it consistently? I think so. I hope so. I want to. I want this to be an escape from school while also working towards my skills in writing and commentary on literature.

I Need Your Help

The other thing that makes me worried is finding enough literature to review outside of what I know. I’m going to need things to review which means that I’ll need to make sure that I have people following me and recommending books/films (literary analysis works on that too).

If I’m called the bookish butch, can I blog about movies or tv? I’d say yes because of the principles of storytelling and the fact that a lot of the movies and tv shows that I’d be looking at are based on books.

This is going to be a journey for sure.

~ Jessie, the Bookish Butch


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