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My Top 5 Lesbian Romance Novels for Kindle

Lesbian Romance is an excellent read, and today I’m going to share my top 5 picks for the Kindle.

The genre of queer romance lags behind that of straight romance novels. When you walk into any bookstore except one that is specifically LGBTQ+ it is hard to find novels in the store aside from erotic tales and because of this the Kindle is an excellent way to find romance novels to read. Here are my top 5 picks for lesbian romance on the kindle. The links on these posts are affiliate links, so if you buy from them I will get a small portion of the profit at no additional cost to you.

5. Anyone But You by KG MacGregor

This novel, one of many by KG, follows many cliches including the anonymous hookup app and the rivals becoming lovers, but it also does not end up being girl meets girl and they fall into bed. By complicating the trope and subverting the usual U-Haul lit turns into a great read. The premise is simple, an oil executive and an environmentalist talk over an app and once they realize that they are falling for one another the fact that Stacie is the head of the group protesting an oil spill that Cathryn’s company was responsible for the romance blossoming between them has to end or one of them has to abandon their principles. 3.5 necktie.png/5

4. Safe Passage by Kate Owen

Safe Passage is more of a mystery novella, but it does the lesbian romance well. It does have your typical butch/femme pairing but plays with it well. When Jules starts renovations on her house she finds a journal in coded French and enlists the help of her co-worker Gen, a French teacher. While working to solve the mystery the journal contains, the two grow closer and a romance blossoms between them. The setting of New Orleans and the backdrop of a murder mystery make this romance a good read for a stormy night.


3. White Roses Calling by Dakota Hudson

This novel immediately reminded me of the relationship between Alex Cabot and Olivia Benson on SVU. It’s a thriller/crime novel with a romance in the background. The two main characters meet through a serial killer and as the case gets going, the serial killer leaves the titular flowers on ADA Sydney’s cars. As the thriller builds with the narrative, the romance does as well. While we don’t know much about the character’s lives outside of work, it becomes quickly clear this will be a lesbian romance. 4necktie.png/5

2. Crossroads by Radclyffe

Crossroads is a novel is Radclyffe’s medical romance series. The books are all unrelated but feature a medical professional as a lead character in the lesbian romance. In this novel,  Hollis Monroe saves the life of Annie Colfax and delivers her child. Years later, they reconnect and are forced to worked together in spite of their professional differences when it comes to obstetrics.  They have to work with one another in spite of a hatred for the others profession and judgement. By crossing the two professions of midwifery and obstetrics in such a volatile way, Radclyffe allows for the building of a satisfying romance that is not entirely expected. 4necktie.png/5

1. Something in the Wine by Jae

This is my favorite novel on the Kindle. It’s an award winning novel, now in it’s second edition and part of the Moonstone series. This was one of the first lesbian novels that I read back when I was a baby dyke. It features many, many cliches and silly ways to get its main two characters in the same room together and force them together. The premise is simple: a prankster brother sets his sister up on a date with someone named Drew. She turns out not to be what Annie expected. As they fake a relationship to get back at Jake, they surprisingly fall in love. For a lesbian romance, while filled with cliches, it is still endlessly re-readable. 5necktie.png/5.

While some of these are cliche, it’s nice to cozy up with a good romance on Valentine’s Day.


Top 5 Kindle Romances


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