About Me

Hey everyone! My name is Jessie E. I am the Bookish Butch. I chose that name both because I’m pursuing my Masters in English and I’m a lesbian, and I’m interested in the queer side of literature. I’m in my second semester of my program so I still have about a year to go. At this point, I’m leaning towards looking at issues of gender, sexuality and violence in literature of the Victorian era. And in the horror genre. I’m lucky enough to have an amazing group of faculty at my school and they’ve been pushing me to find my niche in research.

Aside from the academics, I love to read and write. As long as I can remember all I’ve wanted to do is write for a living. The first story I ever wrote was about a child archaeologist who saves the world. I was five. Now I’m working on crime/horror novels that have LGBTQ+ main characters because I strongly believe in representation. It ties in well to be reading theory, classic literature, and then going back to my room and writing about a serial killer who is being hunted by an FBI agent or a werewolf novel.

When I’m not in school I live in Colorado and have a lovely puppy who likes to chew on all my books if I don’t give her attention. I’m hoping that I’ll get to know a lot of you through this blog and that I’ll get to keep my own record of what I’m learning as I’m learning it.

~Jessie, the Bookish Butch